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Meet Finally the Bride, a book about the hilarious & heart-jerking process of planning a wedding in 2020 & letting strangers vote on how it goes.

You're Not Getting Any Younger.

So what the heck is your purpose in life?

Hey, you!

I'm Jen Glantz.

Thank you for being here. 

I'm the founder of the viral business, Bridesmaid for Hire, the creator of the project, Finally the Bride, the founder of the blog, The Things I Learned From, the voice of the podcast, You're Not Getting Any Younger, the founder of the coaching bizz, Jen & Juice, and the author of the Amazon-bestselling books, All My Friends are Engaged, &  Always a Bridesmaid for Hire, published by Simon and Schuster. 

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I've told my stories on hundreds of press outlets around the world, such as TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, and Fox News, where they called my job the “weirdest of all time”.



You can often find me on stages as a speaker for conferences (SXSW, Creativity Next, and NextGen Gov) for companies (ESPN, Google, HBO, WeWork) and universities (Wharton, Adelphi, Baruch).  In 2016, I received the "30 Under 30"  award from my alma mater, University of Central Florida. 


I'm a freelance writer & have written over 1,000 articles for places like NBC, Business Insider, Yahoo, Glamour Magazine, Forbes, NY Times, CNBC, and more. In 2020, I became a digital video contributor for TLC.


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It's Your Turn to Start                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (Fill in the blank. Scream it out loud. I'm listening.)

The truth is, you’re more than just your job.


You’re this person, with so many interests, and these secret to-do lists you scribble on napkins and type in your phone.


When you understand yourself, your value and your next steps, you’ll always have a roadmap to follow no matter who, what, or how the world shakes you up. Hey, remember this: if you don’t have your back nobody else will.


Empower yourself with the knowledge, tools and step-by-step plan to make that *crazy thing* you want to do become what makes you feel brave.


Make it happen. It's your turn. I'm here to help.

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