Black Friday Deals for YOU!

Black Friday Deals for You, Your Future, and Your Biggest "Forever" Goals

I believe in you. I believe in your twisty idea. I believe you can start something from scratch that'll dazzle people's eyes, minds, and wallet. I believe you can take your idea to the next level. I believe you are enough. I believe now is the time for you to get kickin' on that secret to-do list of yours, the one you occasionally look at, and then hide in your sock drawer. If you want to the help of a trusty side-kick, well, here I am. 
I've had the incredible opportunity to work with well-known brands, start-up businesses, and  change-driven individuals who want to make their lives, their idea, or their stories count. After creating a blog in 2010, that's since been syndicated by major websites, a business that went viral in 2014, and two-books that have both gone on to be best-sellers, people have reached out for my help. My honest personality, practical and personalized to-do list, and creative thinking is what will jumpstart your own adventure.
But first, here's a high-five to remind you that you're a brilliant human. That you're going to do something big with your life. That no matter what has happened in the past, it's never too late to begin again, and to refuse to give up again.
I'd love to work with you on the stuff floating around in your head that you want to share with the world. 
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Personal Coaching

1-ON-1 Session: $125


I'm a self-starter and self-hustler, who has thrived on intense determination, powerful think outside the box ways, and the ultimate goal to run, at full-speed, toward a career path that makes me tingle with excitement.
I have a passion for helping others pursue their bigger-than-big goals, whether that means ditching a career path you've been riding for years for a new industry, starting a business from a crazy idea, or taking your current business and personal brand to the next level.
I specialize in building personalized strategies for my clients, works with them on creatively pushing past challenges that stand in their way, and teaches them how to handle rejection and an immense fear of failure.
Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, I will help you make those big changes in your life that you’ve been huffing and puffing at for quite some time. 
With this coaching session, you’ll:
  • Be able to identify your strengths, define your personal and professional purpose, and understand how to make big changes with a series of small steps.
  • Understand how to manage your time, energy, and cash flow (especially if you’re looking to start a business or ditch your job for a new career path)
  • Overcome personal fears of rejection, failure, or imposter syndrome 
  • Build a personalized workflow so that you can roll your eyes at the desire to procrastinate 
  • Turn your hobbies and skills into superpowers that’ll make you money
  • Receive a personalized strategy that you can implement the second the session is over
  • Be able to chat with Jen after the session via email & text, whenever you need an inspirational pick-me-up
*This is a 1-session price only. After this session, prices go back to $125 a session or $300 for 3-sessions

Publish Your Story

Book Consulting - $250


Hey, You! Your story matters.  If publishing a book is on your bucket-list, let's make it happen.
Getting published isn't easy. You'll write a book proposal, query agents, and cross your fingers as publishers give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to your book idea. But standing out amongst the pool of people trying to get an agent or publisher's attention takes grit, strategy, creativity, and guidance.
As a two-time published author, who has experience in both self-publishing and getting published by a major publisher (Simon and Schuster), I want to share with you the secrets of how to push through this process, without experiencing too many headache or moments of rejection. I'll create a strategy that helps you from start to finish, guiding you down the right path of publishing for both you and the book idea you have. 
Ready to share your story with the world?

Your package includes:

  • A 90-minute strategy call (with recorded audio from the call sent to you right after)

  • A book proposal template & 'How to pitch an Agent' guidebook

  • A start-to-finish personalized strategy for publishing your story

  • An understanding of how the book world works & what you need to do to stand out 

  • A follow-up call, one month later, to check-in & answer any questions 

Get Eyeballs on Your  Idea

PR Consulting - $350


One of the best ways to get more sales, or eyeballs on your website, is by getting in the news. Getting press is powerful, yet tricky. The media won't cover a story just because. They want a creative angle, something their readers will care about, and something that doesn't sound like it's strictly promotional.
I was able to get my first book in the news 50 times, my first business to go viral and stay in news for over 3-years straight, racking up over 500 media placements, and my second book to land in over 200 media outlets. I've established myself as the "go-to" expert for publications like TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and Business Insider. 
I'm a PR guru who has a pulse on what the media wants to hear and the know-how to pitch it to them. I'll create a detailed PR strategy for you to follow, with a list of reporters to pitch and email examples for how to get them to hit the reply button with interest.
Ready to get more eyeballs on your project or business?

Your package includes:

  • A 90-minute strategy call (with recorded audio from the call sent to you right after)

  • A guidebook with email examples & subject line suggestions to get your pitch opened

  • A list of media to pitch your idea/business to

  • A personalized strategy that produces over 50 pitch ideas to stay in the media for a year

  • A follow-up call, one month later, to check-in & answer any questions 

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Consulting - $250


Learn how to understand social media platforms and learn how to develop and implement an actionable social media strategy. You’ll learn how to structure your social media efforts, captivate your audience on each social media platform, and build brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.



  • Learn how to develop and implement a social media strategy.

  • Create an elevator pitch that clearly defines your brand, audience, and key differentiator.

  • Understand the difference between major social media platforms.

  • Learn how to use the major social media platforms to create content and engage your audience.

  • Identify which platforms to use for your business.

  • Explain the difference between publishing, listening, and reporting tools.

  • Create a weekly content calendar for your business.

Your package includes:


  • A 60-minute strategy call (with recorded audio from the call sent to you right after)

  • A 15-page guide on how to hack your social media strategy

  • A list of over 50-free tools to use. 

Public Speaking Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching - $250


Tired of feeling anxious when presenting yourself or your business to clients, or when hanging around all those back-slapping extroverts at cocktail parties? If so, schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session:

  • How to manage your public speaking nerves

  • How to create the right communication mindset

  • How to be authentic and likable in crowds

  • How to look like you belong in the spotlight (because you do)

  • How to tell a thoughtful and engaging story

  • How to use Improv tricks to keep conversations flowing

What’s the end result? A more confident, positive, and personable you who’s ready to release all reservations and present yourself boldly to the world.

Your package includes:


  • A 60-minute coaching session call 

  • A list of tools on how to personally improve your public speaking techniques

  • Help with storytelling so you can give stronger presentations