On-Demand Classes

Learn the skills + topics you need to level-up your life,

professionally & personally, while you sit comfy on your couch.

You accomplish a lot from your couch.


I bet you've never heard that before! But it's true. Sure, you watch a lot of TV shows and do a lot of phone scrolling on that comfy piece of furniture, but you also day dream and consume tons of information.

So why not spend your time sitting back and learning a new skill that'll help you level up your life, both professionally and personally?

Over the past five years, I've taught over 3,500 people, all over the country, courses that give people actionable information, guidance and strategy. Now, I'm bringing those courses to you so you can binge them from anywhere, at anytime. 

Settle into your favorite spot, pick a course that you know you need to take, and make big progress, without having to leave your house (or put on pants). 






Pick a Hands-On Program

Learn + Do + Get Personalized Feedback & Accountability

Become a Stronger Public Speaker

Transform your public speaking skills with a class that'll equip you with the skills, tricks and tips you need to become a more confident speaker. Ditch the word umm, control your nerves, and learn how to engage any audience.


Build a Personal Brand & Understand Your Value

Understand your unique value & how to use it to stand out when you go after any opportunity (a new job or personal project). It's 2020 & you need more than just a resume + cover letter. You need a personal brand.


Start a

Successful Side Hustle

in 30 Days

Learn the ins and outs of starting a business that'll stand out in your industry. Get access to videos, worksheets, business plans and free tools so you can launch your business in less than 30-days.


The Unstuck Series: 

A 4-Week Hands-On Program to help you find motivation, revamp your habits & get out of your rut.

Challenges & Coaching

Take a Couch Class

Watch a full class from your couch & create a personalized action plan along the way


Want to show up in the news? Get your business featured or become a recurring expert on TV or in print? This course will teach you how to easily do your own PR without spending $$ on an agency.

Learn How to Easily

Do Your

Own PR


Social media is about your audience. Learn how to engage your followers, create share-worthy content & convert your audience to customers or loyal subscribers to your content.

Engage & 

Convert Your Audience on Social Media


Learn exactly what you need to think about and do to get your podcast launched in under a month. You'll get access to a video course, a checklist and a handful of guides to make your podcast process easier.

Idea to iTunes: How to Start a Podcast


"I've taken THREE of Jen Glantz's On-Demand Classes and I learned more than I learned in years. It helped me improve my skill set and I used all the knowledge I gained to get my dream job."

-Cassandra G.