Fight Off

Imposter Syndrome

Here are some resources to use the next time you feel imposter syndrome entering your brain & interrupting your true self-value.

Grab These Tools

Workshop slides -> here are 5 ways to fight off imposter syndrome 

My story -> a personal look at my story

History -> 4-minute history of imposter syndrome

My favorite things 

to make life easier,

filled with purpose & shine bright.


to Transform

Your Day-to-Day

Acuity Calendar:

Schedule calls + sell products/services


Create & sell online courses


Create good looking email newsletters


An easy way to host & monetize your podcast 


Design anything in seconds. Seriously, so easy.


A great place to find freelance help

What's Next For you?

(I have your back)

Pause Netflix.

Binge a life-changing class from Jen Glantz that you can take from your couch

Find your passion & purpose again. Book a 1-on-1 intensive

coaching session


Invest in stocks without fees

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