Jen & Juice Coaching Session

Need a career switch? A Personal Brand? Want to start a high-five worthy business? Looking to up your current businesses' game?


 I'm Jen Glantz and over the past ten years, I've started head-turning businesses, been featured on over 500 press outlets, created a blog the has been syndicated all over the country, written two books (through both self-publishing and traditional publishing means), switched career paths a handful of times,  spoken at conferences all over the world, like SXSW, Creativity Next, and She's the First, and made every mistake in the book.

I'm a self-starter, self-hustler, who has thrived on intense determination, powerful think outside the box ways, and the ultimate goal to run, at full-speed, toward a career path that makes me excited.

I have a passion for helping others pursue their bigger-than-big goals, whether that means ditching a career path you've been riding for years for a new industry, starting a business from a crazy idea, or taking your current business and personal brand to the next level. I specialize in building personalized strategies for my Juicers, work with them on creatively pushing past challenges that stand in their way, and teach them how to handle rejection and a fear of failure.

If you have something big and bold you want to do, I'm here to help. 

I'm an instructor at General Assembly, a mentor for NYC Entrepreneurs, and a consultant for a handful of Fortune 500 companies & start-ups, helping them better understand how to take their business to the next level. So whether you have an entrepreneur itch, are looking to switch careers, feeling a little lost in life, or trying to establish a strong personal brand, I'm ready to work with you.

How it Works:
  • You and I will meet either in person (or via Skype).

  • We'll work through what you would like to accomplish.

  • We'll make a list of items to work on toward your goals

  • I'll be there for you when things get challenging, you hit a road block, or you are just not feeling confident enough to take the next step. 

Here's How to Get Started:
Select your package below. After payment is complete, I'll reach out to schedule your first session for a time and location that works well for you.



"Speaking Jen during a job switch was tremendously helpful. Moving on from a great job for the sake of career growth was tough. Anytime there was confusion, Jen brought me back to the logic and reasoning. She got involved in the practical elements; helping draft sensitive emails and reviewing them as needed. Jen spent extra time with me and patiently answered my calls even after we completed our sessions."

— Shana L.