START A PODCAST: Idea to iTunes

Sit back, press play & learn how to launch a podcast and grow your listener base

Thinking about starting a podcast?

The truth is, it's easy to do. But when you try to piece together the information from all different places on Google, you're left feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

This course gives you everything you need to know about forming an idea that stands out for your show, getting it up and live on iTunes/Spotify/and all the other places, growing your audience and making money from your show.

Your voice, your perspective and your podcast idea matters. 

Start the podcast already, will you?





Here's What's Included:

  • A 2-hour video lesson & slideshow with all of the info. and strategy you need to start and grow your podcast
  •  A breakdown of tools and equipment to get (most will cost $0)
  • Templates to pitch guests and podcast sponsors 
  • A game plan for a launch strategy and a growth strategy for your show 
  • How to stand out from other podcasts in your category

I've been in the podcasting space for over three years, when I launched my podcast, You're Not Getting Any Younger. Fast forward and I've put out over 120 episodes and have grown my audience month after month . I've also been a guest on over 75 different podcasts over the years.

The techniques and strategy in this class will help you refine your podcast idea so you can stand out, attract listeners and make your show extra special. 


I've taught over 400 people the ins and outs of podcasting over the last few years and been a consultant in the marketing and storytelling  space for the last five years.


There's a lot of podcast information out there. Save your time.

Take this class and learn everything you need to know.

"I took this class unsure what to expect from it but left with so much knowledge. It helped me launch my podcast, after many months of toying with the idea, and it helped me land my first sponsor. I was able to make money off my show in less than a few months - thanks to Jen's advice in this course. You'll enjoy every moment of this and Jen is a great instructor with tons of energy and brilliant advice!"

-Tommy S.

Words from

Past Students

"This class was the best money I spent in a while! Jen saved me hundreds of dollars because she gives you tips on how to start a podcast without getting all the fancy equipment over people recommend. I listened to her and people are so impressed by the quality of my show! I'm obsessed with this class and highly recommend!"

-Cassie N.

"Take this class if you ever wanted to start a podcast! Jen breaks it all down for you in a digistable way. Even though it's a video course you feel like Jen is in your living room helping you out personally. I love all her classes an this one helped me launch my show in under 30 days."

-Tristan R.-

"I took this class because I had a podcast that nobody listened to (except my friends and my mom) and I wanted to learn how to grow the show. This class gave me a long list of ideas I never thought about doing. I upped my podcast listener count by over 75%."

-Roy W.-Jessica S

"Starting a podcast felt overwhelming and intimidating. Jen's class does an awesome job of breaking everything down and answering all the questions that have been floating in your head."

-Alissa G.

"I had a podcast idea for months but was too scared to launch it. Jen gave me the tools I needed to feel confident getting episode one and two out there to the world.  A year later, I'm on episode 45 and it's because of this course!"

-Liza G

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