“I regret that it takes a life to learn how to live.”  ― Jonathan Safran Foer

The city is in an eerie trance this morning, more so than usual. An accentuated instance of that feeling that overcomes us after we were put in time out as children. The sense of confusion mixed with the notion of ‘this can’t possibly be real’ and ultimately, the longing of sadness.

I’ve always wanted to be here on 9/11, but I’ll never be able to forget where I was 11 years ago–and I wish that wasn’t so.

Reading list for today (If you have any other heart-grabbing articles, post a link to them in the comment section please)

Remembering 9.11.01 (My post from last year)

A chilling article and photo from Tom Junod

John DeVore: My plan on 9/11/01

Nancy Gibbs: If you want to humble an empire

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