Learn everything you need to know about creating your own side business in 2020 & get all the tools you need to start right now.




This section teaches you everything you need to know about setting up a business - from determining what your focus is going to be, what packages you will offer, and how much you will charge your clients. It will also teach you the easiest ways to set up a website, a customer service portal, and payment processing tool.



In this section, you will learn how to brand your business so it stands out in the industry - from picking a unique name, logo, and even elevator pitch description that'll keep the world intrigued by the business you started.



Learning how to get clients is not easy. This section will teach you how to stand out from competitors, where to go to successfully market yourself when you don't have a large budget, and how to get referrals from other affiliates.

Discover how to start your own business with engaging video clips that'll make you feel like Jen's in the room coaching you from your couch.
The course will give you an exact 30-day action plan so that your business can be up and running by the end of the month.
Follow along as you learn with 10 interactive worksheets that will have you creating your own business strategy in real-time.
Exclusive access to this course and all the business secrets I have from starting Bridesmaid for Hire to help you get new clients and get in the news.
Instantly receive 50 free tools and resources that save you over $20,000 and thousands of hours when starting your own business.
Get email feedback on assignments after they are completed and support during the course when questions pop up.

"I'd recommend this class to anyone who ever thought about starting a business. You'll learn what you need to know and have the motivation to take the next steps."

-Greg F.

Words from

Past Students

"I got such valuable information from this class and was able to put my idea into motion and launch a business. Jen helped me stand out in my industry and gave me a game plan to follow."

-Georgia H.

"Jen makes starting a business easy and accessible to anyone who ever wanted to try. Taking this class was the best part of my 2020 so far."

-Rachel D.

"I never knew how to start a business so I didn't ever start one but I took this class and then used what I learned to start a small side hustle that's now turned int o my only full-time job."

-Ashley P.

"Starting a business feels very scary and you over think everything. I took this course and did a coaching session with Jen. I felt so prepared after it all and a year later, have a business that's super successful. I do a coaching session with Jen every other month."

-Brenda H.

"After getting laid-off, I decided to spend the time to finally start my own business. Jen's course taught me the framework I needed to know to get started and it gave me the confidence to launch a business that connected with my audience's needs."

-Lucy J.

Your Instructor

If we've never met before, hello! I'm Jen Glantz: the founder of the viral business, Bridesmaid for Hire, the creator of the project, Finally the Bride, the founder of the blog, The Things I Learned From, the voice of the podcast, You're Not Getting Any Younger, the founder of the coaching bizz, Jen & Juice, and the author of the Amazon-bestselling books, All My Friends are Engaged, &  Always a Bridesmaid for Hire, published by Simon and Schuster. 
For the past five years, I've instructed over 500 workshops for over 3,000 people in NYC, LA, Denver, Austin, New Orleans, and many more cities. But here is the thing, maybe you don't live near a spot where you can get access to workshops in-person or maybe you do but they don't work out with your schedule. Maybe you're the kind of person who likes to learn in their own environment on their own time. That's why I decided to take my most popular workshops and training and package them into digestible and actionable courses that will change your to-do list, your game plan and seriously - your life.
Google, HBO, SXSW, Wharton School of Business, Hyatt Hotel, ESPN, Brooklyn Brewery and 100+ other companies, conferences and clients have hired me to teach their audiences. Now, it's time for you to get that same powerful information from the comfort of your couch. 
Making an investment in yourself is something you do all the time. That haircut, those shoes, how about that Instagram-able candy museum? Invest in something that will continue to help and change you for days, weeks, months and years to come. These courses are less expensive than your coffee bill for the quarter, the music festival you almost bought tickets to or the luggage that you almost ordered just to stick under your bed for most of the year. 
Invest in something for yourself that matters, that makes you move, that moves you.
See you inside the course!
Your Instructor,
Jen Glantz

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