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Starting something of your own, from scratch, is never easy. Over the past ten years, I've started a blog, a podcast, written two books, and took one crazy idea and turned it into Bridesmaid for Hire, a business that disrupted the $300 billion dollar wedding industry.


I'll tell you this secret: the hardest part of it all is figuring out how to start and how to quiet the voices in your head giving you a hundred reasons not to (you're too busy, you don't have the cash, you're not sure if your idea is good, or you just don't have an idea yet). 

This summer, while you're sitting on the couch or a lounge chair, start something big for yourself by taking the first step and starting with the Summer Side Hustle Course.

After teaching a version of this course to over 2000 people, and coaching close to 75 people in 1-on-1 sessions, I decided to take all that material and turn it into an online course for you to experience no matter where you are in the world.

Take a look at what the course offers:


Check out the break-down of the full contents of our exclusive summer side hustle program.​​​​

  • 10 Worksheets to Follow & Complete Throughout the Training Program

  • 50 Free Tools & Resources to Use for Starting Your Own Side Hustle or Business

  • 30-Day Action Plan to Help You Get Your Business Off the Ground

  • Never Before Told Secrets on Unique Ways to Get New Clients & Your Business in the News


This course teaches you what you need to know about setting up a side hustle / business - from determining what your focus is going to be, what packages you will offer, and how much you will charge your clients. It will also teach you the easiest ways to set up a website, customer service portal, and payment processing tool.


In this section, you will learn how to brand your business so it stands out in the industry - from picking a unique name, logo, and even elevator pitch description that'll keep the world intrigued by the business you started.


Learning how to get clients is not easy. This section will teach you how to stand out from competitors, where to go to successfully market yourself when you don't have a large budget, and how to get referrals from other people in your network.



1. I started the blog, The Things I Learned From, in 2010, and have grown the audience by 250% every single year and have been able to find new and creative ways to monetize the blog.


2. I wrote two books, All My Friends are Engaged (which became an Amazon best-seller) and Always a Bridesmaid for Hire (which was published by Simon and Schuster). I did the marketing and PR for the book 100% by myself and was able to get the books in over 200 media outlets.


3. I started Bridesmaid for Hire after taking a crazy idea I had and building a behind-the-scenes business and marketing plan. I've been able to scale that business to include working with over 100 clients and creating new packages, yearly, based on client needs, over the past four years.


4. I teach hundreds of workshops a year at places like Google, General Assembly, Hyatt Hotels, and additional places, in topics like marketing, social media, PR, branding, and starting a side hustle.


5. I've coached close to 75 clients to go from idea to business in launch.


6. I love empowering others to quit making excuses and start owning something beautiful for themselves


ONLY $99

This group of trainees will be limited to only 15 people - so reserve your spot now. You'll have access to the training program and can go through the course at your own pace. Plus, I'm there along the way if you have any questions.

*****This training program is to solely help you launch your own business. By accepting these terms and agreement, and purchasing the course, you accept that you have purchased one spot and cannot share access to this course with anyone else. You also accept that once the course is purchased, no refunds or exchanges can be made.*****



"I really wasn't sure what to expect or even where to start when Jen first sat down with me to do my "personal brand make over," but man did she get to work quickly. She asked me the hard questions and highlighted things I was doing that were not productive to my end goals. It was great to have someone look at you from the outside and really guide you on where you need to go. I highly recommend Jen to help anyone with any personal branding advice." - Erin E.

"Jen has been a huge help as I launch my wedding planning business. She is an expert on the industry and has helped me clarify my goals and short term actions. She has insights that would take me months or years to learn on my own. Plus, she is a delight to work with!" - Julie H.

" I spent around 90 minutes working with Jen about all of my goals and concerns and she was the best listener and adviser. She gave me many inspirations and ideas for my business as well as how to brand my self better to excel In my field. She reviewed all of my work and gave me actionable advices to help me be the best. At the end she also gave me extra files and presentation to help me in my overall journey. I still carry on the positive vibes that I got from Jen and I will always carry it on with me. Thank you Jen." - Noura G. 

"I knew I wanted to learn from Jen because I see Bridesmaid for Hire EVERYWHERE. She definitely delivered the goods! I followed her advice for about 2 weeks and the first payoff was a personal response to my pitch from Arianna Huffington herself. Thank you Jen for giving me the tools and the confidence to bootstrap my own PR!" - Beth S.

"One statement that resonated with me and why I wanted to work with her was this: "I'm a strong advocate for everyone to start their own business." At that time I lost my job and was adamant at finding one. However, I had a business idea and after my first meeting with Jen, I created my website and launched it a week later. Her strategies and ideas are brilliant, and they work only if you apply it to your business. I wouldn't be where I am now without her professional guidance because after each session, I'm always left feeling motivated with a new project to move my business forward." - Rothie B.