"Super inspirational & an industry expert." 

I'm passionate about working with people, like you and your employees, passing forward knowledge, skills, and expertise that'll make them even more exceptional.

I've had the incredible opportunity to work with well-known brands, start-up businesses, and  change-driven individuals who want to make their lives, their idea, or their stories count. After creating a blog in 2010, that's since been syndicated by major websites, a business that went viral in 2014, and two-books that have both gone on to be best-sellers, and a podcast that went from zero to thousands of listeners per episode, people have reached out for my help.
My honest personality, practical tips, and push-forward attitude makes audiences gravitate toward the workshops I put on.
I've been an instructor at General Assembly (NYC, LA, Denver) for the past four years, have hosted workshops at companies like Google, Brooklyn Brewery, ESPN, WeWork, HBO and a long list of other incredible places, and have guest lectured at The Wharton School, Adelphi University and Baruch College.
I'd love to work with you and your group on a workshop that'll take their skills to the next level.
Let's chat: Jenglantz@gmail.com 
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Workshop Examples

For groups, companies, & conferences

Storytelling, Public Speaking and Improv for Professionals
An infusion of storytelling, public speaking, and Improv geared toward those in the professional world. Let pitches, internal meetings, and external client conversations be without verbal tics and filler words, stories that drag on forever, or noneffective sales jargon. This workshop preps your people on how to be engaging, enthusiastic, and confident in front of any audience they are mingling with.
Give Your Brand Purpose & Power
In 2019, brands stand out when they stand for something strong. During this workshop, we'll but your brand to the test. From your positioning to your platforms, your logo to your brand's personality, you'll be left with a strategy that levels up how you communicate and interact with your audience in a digital and demanding world.
How to Stand Out in 2020
As newsfeeds, inboxes, and Google searches overcrowd our eyeballs, the need for your brand to stand out is more important now more than ever. In this workshop, learn how to get ongoing PR, create content that sticks, and get the viral attention your brand or business truly deserves. 
Social Media With Purpose
Make your social media strategy one that is engaging, produces ROI, and has your audience wanting more. In this workshop, learn about current social trends, tools, and tricks to dominate the social landscape for your industry.
Personal Branding
As your employees advance in their careers and within your company, having a personal brand is key for networking and personal growth. In this workshop, learn the top five things everyone must have to have a strong and outward-facing personal brand.
*All workshops are customizable to the client's need. Additional workshop topics are available upon request.

Hear From Past Clients


"Through real life examples, relevant videos and effective exercises, my team felt they walked away with an excellent toolkit for telling compelling stories that they can tap into for both their personal and professional lives. My team continues to use some of the frameworks and exercises that Jen taught us. Highly recommended for all!"


Yoshiko O.


"Jen taught a 4-hour social media workshop to our entire International sales team. It was detailed, engaging, but mostly fun. Very nicely done."

Brooklyn Brewery

Ben H.


"Phenomenal talk. I think I learned more in that session than a full semester of any other course I've taken thus yet honestly. "

The Wharton School



"It was fun, funny, and engaging -- but also super useful. By far one of the best sessions I've been a part of in my professional career."


Stephen D.


" I can’t even begin to tell you how inspired I am after that workshop! I am so excited to get to work. Your energy was contagious and your tips were brilliant."


Annalie K.

download (1).png

"I've taken a lot of company workshops before but never sat through one as powerful and life-changing for my career. I begged my boss to have Jen come back and work with us again soon."


Mary Anne B.

Hear From Workshop Attendees

"I was looking over my notes on the train this morning and I was struck by how much useful and interesting information you disseminated." - Joe V
Thanks for your presentation, your wonderful personality had shined throughout! I still think back on some of the tips I picked up from the presentation including the placement of my arms and hands while speaking! Story crafting is still my weak point. Thanks again for being so inspiring! - Christine L
"The class was really good, lots of useful tips and tricks, plus Jen has the most contagious and great energy!" -Diane N.

"Jen is extremely knowledgeable about the topic and a perfect personality for this specific workshop. She gave the best/true/honest/valuable insight about the topic that I don't think you can get it from anywhere." - Sander P.

"I enjoyed how interactive the workshops were (especially for public speaking, you really had put us out there). The personal branding workshop was very helpful for a total novice, and you were very detailed in explaining or expanding on what to look for as we create and name our brands." - Tabitha S.