Tell Your Story 

Your story matters. The stronger your story, the more power you have to get a netter job, a bigger audience for your project, or more eyeballs on a personal brand that makes you stand out in your industry. Speak up, my friend. Let's get your story straight.




Stories matter. They make people connect, feel comfortable, and grow closer to you, your message, and your unique value. 

I've been telling stories my entire life. I'm a two-time published author, selling my latest book to Simon and Schuster for six-figures, the creator of an 8-year-old blog that's been syndicated around the world,  the host of a podcast that went from zero to thousands of weekly listeners, the founder of a viral business that I've scaled, grown, and franchised over the past five years, and a consultant who works with people, just like you, and big businesses (like Google, Hyatt Hotels, ESPN, and more) on getting past their stop signs. 

I've told my story on TV, a lot, too. I've been on TODAY Show four times, Good Morning America two times, and over 50 other shows, including The Steve Harvey Show, CNN, FOX News, NPR, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC. 

I've proudly been hire by big companies, like Google, Hyatt Hotels, ESPN, and many more, to help their employees and sales teams become better at storytelling.

It wasn't magic that helped me become a solid storyteller. It was hard work, determination, and a fool-proof strategy that took me, step-by-step, closer to the finish line of my wildest dreams.

Perhaps you want a personal brand that pops, a resume or cover letter that lands you an interview, a brand for your project (whether that's a side business, a book, a podcast, or a blog), or want a strategy for how to do your own PR, like I have (for 5+ years and have landed over 500 media placements). 


Every month, I work with a small handful of people who help them design and execute their story, wave goodbye at the fear of failure, and have a strategy to hold onto as they move forward.

Are you next? Let's get your story told.

Pick Your Package


This is ideal if you're looking to update, refine, or restructure your story.



  • One 60-Minute Session via phone

  • The audio recording of our session

  • Notes, next steps, and an actionable strategy

  • A set of worksheets to help you tell your story

Each session is $200. Reserve your session & then I'll be in touch with immediate next steps.





This is for those who are starting from scratch and need help with brand positioning, sorting out their story, or getting their resume and interviewing skills perfected.


  • Three 60-Minute Session via phone

  • The audio recording of our sessions

  • Notes, next steps, and an actionable strategy

  • A set of worksheets to help you tell your story

  • Email follow-up in between sessions


The 3-session package is $450. Purchase this session package & then I'll be in touch with immediate next steps.

1-day Intensive

You're ready to go forward, go fast, and go far. Let's spend the day together getting your story perfected, practiced, and put into motion.




  • An in-person workday that's 4-hours (includes coffee + lunch)

  • Real-time feedback, strategy, set-up (website/social media/etc.), and hands-on help

  • Public speaking help to become a better verbal storyteller and ditch the nerves

  • Three of Jen's online courses (PR 101, Social Media Makeover, and Entrepreneur Crash Course)

  • A 45-minute follow-up session via phone

  • Both of Jen's Books 


The 1-day Intensive is $500 and includes lunch + coffee. Purchase this session & then I'll be in touch with immediate next steps.

Ps. For those who are willing to meet in NYC or South Florida - or via Skype.

Words From Past Clients

"Working with Jen during a job switch was tremendously helpful. Anytime there was confusion, Jen brought me back to the logic and reasoning. She got involved in the practical elements; helping draft sensitive emails and reviewing them as needed" - Shana L.
"One statement that resonated with me and why I wanted to work with her was this: "I'm a strong advocate for everyone to start their own business." At that time I lost my job and was adamant at finding one. However, I had a business idea and after my first meeting with Jen, I created my website and launched it a week later. Her strategies and ideas are brilliant, and they work only if you apply it to your business. I wouldn't be where I am now without her professional guidance because after each session, I'm always left feeling motivated with a new project to move my business forward." - Rothie B. 
"Jen has this amazing ability to take a subject that seems to have so many moving parts and simplify to something basic and totally manageable. She makes you feel smart again & I love her for it! Glad to have Jen to call on anytime this tech world gets too overwhelming." - Naama G.
"I spent around 90 minutes talking with Jen about all of my goals and concerns and she was the best listener and adviser. She gave me many inspirations and ideas for my business as well as how to brand my self better to excel In my field. She reviewed all of my work and gave me actionable advices to help me be the best. At the end she also gave me extra files and presentation to help me in my overall journey. I still carry on the positive vibes that I got from Jen and I will always carry it on with me." -Noura G.

Let's Chat!

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to send me an email & I'll respond as soon as I'm done stuffing my face with two slices of cheese pizza.

xoxo, Jen Glantz